Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5 Things Fair Skin People Are Tired Of Hearing

Naturally, I have very fair skin. I used to hate it. but I am learning to be comfortable in my own skin. Every now and then I think of trying a tanning lotion (like I said, I'm learning!), because this time of year especially, I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb! It can be hard to be comfortable with something that isn't embraced in todays society. It seems hardest this time of year when a lot of people have nice olive tones already with minimal sun exposer. I recently read a blog  http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/things-people-with-pale-skin-are-sick-of-hearing about this very topic, and found I relate and have so many more things I could add to her list! So why not make my own post about it?


1. Trying to "make it better"

Anything that falls under this category, we hate. Don't try to "fix" us. We aren't broken.
I hear things like :
 “I have some great tanning lotion you should borrow. You’ll look great once you get done using it!” Thanks… Do I not look "great" now? No? Okay...

 2. Fashion Advice

Maybe I just don't like people telling me what to and not to wear, but this is one that comes up a lot more than you would think! I don't wear anything I think to be immodest, but I would like to think I could wear short sleeves, or skirts that show my shins without getting "the look" or fashion advice. Even some colors are a problem.  

“That isn’t you’re color.”
“That washes you out/makes you look sick. Just don’t wear that.”
" Nude tones and taupe like colors just don't go with pale skin."
“You should wear long pants/skirts, you’re blinding me!” Umm… good.

3. Protection

I know most of these people mean well but some of it comes across as plain ol' rude. This one really gets to me.

"Don't forget sunscreen!"
"Isn't it about time to reapply sunscreen?"
"Don't forget your scalp!"  I ALWAYS have people reminding me to use sunscreen...
"Are you sure you want to wear that to swim in? You're going to be toasted by the end of the day!"
"Remember your grandmother probably didn't think she was going to get burnt either!" (My grandmother died of skin cancer before my mom and dad were together, so I’m always reminded about the dreaded skin cancer. I don’t make light of cancer at all, but I do get tired of hearing about my grandmother to promote the use of sunscreen.) Yes I understand I can’t have long exposer to the sun or tanning bed (FYI I never have used a tanning bed, and never plan to.) So do people really have to bring up my grandmother every time I go swimming, hiking, outside etc…?

People, I’m almost 20. I know!

4. Stating The Obvious

This is just annoying for obvious reasons. Obvious facts = Annoying.

"Wow! you're white!" For a completely random example: Who likes it when someone says: "Wow! you have nose!"? Though this may sound very silly, because of course you have a nose! Exactly my point! It simply isn't necessary, I KNOW! Plus, even though it is true, you do have a nose, you become self-conscious of your nose simply because the fact was stated like it was a bad thing.
" Look how much darker I am than you!" this one is VERY common! I don't take as much offense to this as I do some other things on this list because almost everyone does this! And it isn't just with fair skinned people like myself. But I didn't enter the tanning contest, therefore yes, I am much lighter than you. Though it doesn't offend me, it is kind of annoying at times because it is so common.

5. Not Understanding/ Pushing Change

People not understanding or pushing us to try to change our skin tone is probably the most annoying of all! Simply because we don't want to have to explain or change ourselves.  We shouldn't have to!

“I’m sure if you tried to tan you could! Everyone can! ” I can’t tan. Believe me! “Why not?” *Mental face palm*
"There are products that help you to tan naturally, I'm sure you can find something to work for you."
"But you would look so pretty with a tan!" Again, it seems you're implying that I don't look pretty already. Thanks...
" You were in Africa for three and a half months but didn't get a tan? Did you stay inside the whole time?"

A lot of things that people say, seem like your fair skin cause them to be uncomfortable. That shouldn't be. Why would you be uncomfortable with MY skin? If I'm happy, then that's all that matters! If I'm not, then DON'T feed my self-consciousness of my skin!

People also seem appalled when I say or act as if I don't mind my fair skin. How on earth could I be okay with that? IDK but this is who I am. This is how GOD made me, why change that? Did he make a mistake? I don't think so. The only mistake is people not accepting the different ways GOD chose to create people. Black to fair skin, tall to short, brunette to blond. GOD chose to make all of us different! Why strive to be the same? 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my ranting! If you have some THINGS FAIR SKINNED PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF HEARING  please let me know in the comments below! Thanks again! Until next time! 



  1. I know how you feel! I have heard all that all my life too!! Between being so white I'm blinding people to being short....as if that were a problem! Why do people assume it is a problem?

    1. We intimidate them! lol jk IDK! That's what i would like to know!

  2. I know how you feel! I have heard all that all my life too!! Between being so white I'm blinding people to being short....as if that were a problem! Why do people assume it is a problem?